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Cragsmoor Conservancy

The Mullers on the Muller Preserve

Lucy and Ernie Muller

In the summer of 2011, Ernie and Lucy Muller protected an undeveloped, pristine 37-acre tract of land on the southern edge of the Shawangunk Mountain hamlet of Cragsmoor by donating a conversation easement to the Cragsmoor Conservancy.

Cragsmoor Conservancy Forest
Ernie bought the property more than 50 years ago.  Now, he and his wife Lucy have permanently protected this much-loved property by creating an easement that calls for it to be maintained solely as a wildlife habitat for the many animals, including black bears, who call it home.

No recreational use will be permitted. The property has been named The Muller Preserve in their honor. In addition to affirming their life-long dream to protect the property, the Mullers received a substantial tax deduction for their donation.